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The Ibukine Haiku Society was founded in 1998 by Yasushi Kurita.

Ibukine (Mt. Ibukiyama) is a spiritual mountain located in the central
districts of Japan and has been respected and loved by people since
ancient times. Its name appears in Kojiki, the earliest historical record of Japan completed in 712. Mr. Kurita grew up viewing the mountain,which has been an inspiration for him and many others interested in haiku.

Literally, "ibuki" means a breath of fresh air. It is IHS's dream that we will bring something new and fresh to the haiku world.

The IHS values the tradition of haiku developed by haiku poets in Japan,and aims to hand it down correctly to younger generations. At the same time, we wish to promote friendship and communication among haiku poets in Japan and abroad.

The IHS publishes a monthly haiku journal Ibukine and occasional haiku collections by members. There are currently approximately 500 members.
Though most of them live in Japan, membership is open to anyone interested in haiku.

The following people are the Ibukinet officers for 2006:

Yasushi Kurita, President

Hiroshi Eguchi, Editor

Mika Futamura, Associate Editor

Ryoyu Ito, Associate Editor

Roso Kawaraji, Associate Editor

Shihomi Koumura, Associate Editor

Ryusei Kunieda, Associate Editor

Yoko Tsubono, Associate Editor

Kei Tsujie, Associate Editor

Takako Yano, Associate Editor

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