Shihomi Koumura

ŒI‚Μ‰Τ“υ‚Σˆ»Žq‚Μ“y‘ — 
kuri no hana niou ayako no dozoura

the chestnut blossoms smell
at the back of Ayako's storehouse
with earthen walls

tatami fuku sumizu no nioi kesa no aki

as wiping the tatami
vinegar smells|
this early autumn morning

fun-en o aogite biwa no fukurokake

looking up at the smoke
of a volcano, they are bagging
each loquat on the trees

banryoku ya mizu o tataeshi hibakugawa

myriad green leaves|
the river is filled with water
after years of the atomic bombing

reibo ya garasu kesu ni tsuki no ishi

air cooling|
in the glass case
a moon rock


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